Property and Evidence

The Property and Evidence Room secures items of personal property and contraband that have either been seized, recovered, turned in by the public, etc. The items are handled differently depending on the following:

  • Items that are associated with a criminal case (i.e. narcotics, evidentiary items, photos, etc) will be kept until the case is adjudicated by the Mono County Superior Court and the District Attorney's Office and the hold period required by law has expired. At that time, the items could be destroyed, turned over to their rightful owner, etc.
  • Items that are turned in by the public or recovered as found property will be kept for a minimum of 90 days. After the 90 day period, the items can be released to the finder (if the finder filled out a Finders Affidavit when the property was turned in).
  • Firearms that are seized or secured can be returned to the owner depending on circumstances. If a firearm is involved in any type of crime or criminal act (i.e. murder, robbery, suicide, etc.), the firearm will not be returned and will be kept by the Sheriff's Department permanently or destroyed, as required by law. If the firearm is recovered for safe keeping, found property, etc., the owner or any person who claims title to the firearm and wishes it to be returned must submit a Law Enforcement Gun Release (LEGR) Application to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a determination as to whether he/she is eligible to possess a firearm. The Sheriff's Office is only required to hold firearms taken for safekeeping for 180 days. The owner is required to arrange storage or transfer to a FFL. 

If you have any questions regarding property of evidence, please call or email our Property Officer at (760) 932-7549 or