Department History

Mono County Sheriffs

1.   N.F. Scott (1861-1862)

2.   G.W. Bailey (1862-1863)

3.   Seth Sneden (1863 - 1867)

4.   Z.B. Tinkum (1867 - 1875)

5.   Robert S. Peterson (1875 - 1878)

6.   Pete B. Taylor (1878 - 1879)

7.   James Showers (1879 - 1882)

8.   C.F. McKinney (1882 - 1886)

9.   Watkin Morgan (1886 - 1888)

10.  M.J. Cody (1888 - 1892)

11.  Maurice B. Hayes (1892 - 1898)

12.  E.E. Kirkwood (1898 - 1906)

13.  J.P. Dolan (1906 - 1910, 1914 - 1918)

14.  M.P. Hayden (1910 - 1914)

15.  A.E. Dolan (1918 - 1938)

16.  Cecil Thorington (1938 - 1962)

17.  William B. Evans (1962 - 1976)

18.  Martin A. Strelneck, Jr. (1976 - 1982, 1987 - 1994)

19.  Lloyd F. "Digger" WIlson (1982 - 1987)

20.  Daniel A. Paranick (1994 - 2007)

21.  Richard C. Scholl (2007 - 2012)

22.  Ralph Obenberger (2012 - 2014)

23.  Ingrid Braun (2014 - present)


Mono County Sheriff's Office: In Line of Duty Deaths

Sheriff N. F. Scott
Mono County Sheriff's Office, CA
End of Watch: Saturday, April 5, 1862
Cause of Death: Gunfire


Sheriff Scott had been in Bishop, CA, then a portion of Mono County, on business when contacted to assist the cavalry. Sheriff Scott was shot and killed during a battle between the native Indians and the U.S. Cavalry near Bishop. After the cavalry had attacked a group of about 500, they retreated and were seeking shelter in an irrigation ditch. Sheriff Scott was shot and killed while he was lighting his pipe. Sheriff Scott served with the Mono County Sheriff's Department and was the first Sheriff of Mono County.

Posse Members: Robert Morrison and Mono Jim
Mono County Sheriff's Office, CA
End of Watch: Saturday, September 17, 1871
Cause of Death: Gunfire

As the result of an ambush encounter on September 17, 1871, where a group of inmates escaped from prison in Carson City, NV, Deptuy Sheriff George Hightower eventually caught up with the convicts and a shootout took place. Robert Morrison, a Benton merchant, Mono Jim and other posse members encountered the convicts on the present Convict Creek (then known as Monte Diablo Creek). In the encounter, Morrison and Mono Jim were killed and the convicts escaped to be captured later in Round Valley. The towering peak above the lake was renamed Mt. Morrison, and the smaller peak below was renamed Mono Jim. "Convict Lake and Creek" were later named such as the result of the shootout with the escaped convicts.

Deputy Sheriff William F. Edwards
Mono County Sheriff's Office, CA
End of Watch: Monday, April 29, 1907
Cause of Death: Gunfire

Deputy Edwards was killed in the line of duty on April 29, 1907 when he responded to arrest three intoxicated male subjects in the Benton area. Deputy Edwards contacted the men by an "old mill" with the assistance of several others. A struggle ensued over a weapon which was wrested from Deputy Edwards. The male immediately fired once striking Deputy Edwards in the arm, passing through his chest and killing him instantly.

Sheriff James P. Dolan
Mono County Sheriff's Office, CA
End of Watch: Monday, July 26, 1915
Cause of Death: Gunfire

Sheriff James P. Dolan died as a result of gunshot wounds received while attempting to apprehend two outlaws who had terrorized ranchers a short distance from Mono Lake. Outraged by the shooting of Sheriff Dolan, the citizens of Mono County quickly formed a Sheriff's posse which tracked the outlaws to a location near Mono Craters. Justice was served when both outlaws were killed in a shootout with posse men. A coroner's inquest determined "death caused by resisting arrest by duly constituted representatives of the Sheriff's Office."