Court Screener (part time)


We are ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for the part time position of Court Screener! You can find an application below or contact us for a paper verison. We are not hiring at this time for Court Screener but keep an applicant pool on file for all available openings! Applications remain on file for one year.

Amber Weller
Administrative Services Specialist
(760) 932-5279


Please submit your applications to:
Mono County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Amber Weller
PO Box 616
Bridgeport, CA 93517

A Court Screener serves in a highly visible capacity with the Court facilities in Mono County.  Working at the will and pleasure of the County Sheriff/Coroner and under the direct supervision of the Undersheriff and his staff, as assigned:  the position provides public security screening for both the Mammoth Lakes and Bridgeport Superior Courts.  Screeners conduct periodic security sweeps of the interior and exterior of the courthouses and courtrooms, search of items carried by persons entering the Court facilities, utilize security equipment, are expected to submit reports and perform other duties as required or directed, etc.

Examples of duties
Duties may include but are not limited to the following:
•Provide entry security screening for the Mono County Superior Courts, both in Mammoth Lakes and Bridgeport.
•Inspect, set-up, take down and test court screening equipment and signage each day that the court is in session.
•Provide support for the Bailiff, as needed.
•Conduct routine security sweeps of the interior and exterior of the courthouse.
•Conduct special security sweeps as warranted by suspicious activity, circumstances or as directed.
• Effectively deal with and provide support for courthouse access issues (ie. Persons requiring wheelchairs, crutches and animal assistance)
•Monitor designated radio channels to insure no unauthorized use of radios in the courthouse and courtrooms.
•Search all bags, purses, briefcases, and other carry-in items for weapons and other contraband.
•Contact bailiff(s) regarding any security/screening issues or concerns.
•Assist bailiff(s) as requested.
• Prepare and submit reports, other documents and perform a variety of assignments or duties as necessary or assigned.
•Maintain all training requirements.

Desirable Qualifications
•Basic rules and regulations of the Sheriff/Coroner Department and court operation procedures.
•Use, care and operation of firearms.
•First aid and CPR techniques.
•Ability and willingness to operate or learn to operate courthouse or courtroom screening equipment and maintain security during public access.
•Carefully observe persons and premises, noting any potential security issues.
•Exercise and carry-out good communications and public relations with persons entering and using the courthouse and courtrooms.
•Analyze situations accurately and adopt effective courses of action.
•Maintain a variety of reports and documents.
•Understand and carry out oral and written directions, Department policies and regulations.
•Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with fellow employees and the general public.

Minimum Qualifications
•EDUCATION: Completion of the 12th grade (or equivalent).
•LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES: Possession of appropriate and valid Driver’s License. Ability to successfully complete PC 832 training (Retired Peace Officer status/or current PC 832 certification is preferable).
•SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Age at date of hire must be at least 18 years old, must have No Felony Convictions, must be willing to work part-time or flexible hours, must be willing to work at either Mammoth Lakes or Bridgeport Courthouse, must wear a designated uniform (purchased by the Department), must be willing to undergo a comprehensive background investigation, including medical and psychological testing.

•Salary: $25.00 per hour
•Part Time Employment As Needed
•Equipment Issued: 
Various Misc. Depending On Training