Mono County

Mono County Strategic Planning

The Mono County Strategic Planning process is designed to help the County create long term goals and plans.

As we move forward in this process, you will find a variety of information posted to this page, please come back and visit the site often, we welcome your participation.

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The Mono County Board of Supervisors beginning in January of 2013 recognized the need for focused long term planning to martial scarce county resources addressing growing long term issues facing the County. The Board held five public sessions to identify issues. This process continued into the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Budget process where additional issues and concerns where identified.

Strategic Planning is a process which focuses an organization on long-term issues, establishes clear purpose for all staff and produces a system of results oriented measurement that reinforces how best to use scarce resources for maximum return. As resources have diminished over the last 15 years and more dramatically in the last 6, Strategic Planning has given the public and policy makers the ability to focus not merely on the next year but the next five, ten and twenty years, and build an effective understanding of services and the necessary focused investment for service improvement.

Effective Strategic Planning goes beyond identifying and completing tasks but changes how we do business at the County and provides new methods to engage our employees in building a Higher Performing Organization. It builds context for all operations.

Schedule and Engagement of Constituencies


i. All Employee sessions – January – April

1. Host sessions with employees – south and north county
2. Department level discussions

a. Strength, weakness, Opportunity and Threat inventory
b. Mission, vision, value development
c. Draft Plan created
d. Bring back to Board

ii. Board sessions – March-May

1. Regular Board items updates
2. Board holds final adoption

iii. Public and virtual town halls/align with Budget – April-June 2014

1. Online input and feedback

iv. Host series of Public meetings to receive feedback from draft

1. RPACS - Circulate draft Plan through all RPACS for feedback into plan;
2. Town Halls - 1 per Supervisorial District in addition to RPACs