Mono County

Concealed Weapons Permits (CCW)

Mono County Sheriff's Office Policy
Issuing Concealed Weapons (CCW) Permits

Residents of Mono County may apply to the Mono County Sheriff’s Office for a license to carry a concealed weapon (CCW).  It is the policy of the Sheriff that residents of the Town of Mammoth Lakes should apply to the Mammoth Lakes Police Department for a CCW license.

Mono County Sheriff’s Office – CCW Policy 
California law grants the sheriff of a county the ability to issue a license to carry a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person upon proof that:

The applicant is of good moral character
Good cause exists for issuance of the license.
The applicant is a resident of the county or a city within the county.
The applicant has completed an approved course of training.

How do I apply for a CCW?
Complete the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Firearms, Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License to Carry a Concealed Weapon. You can find the application below under supplemental documents.  Please complete all pages of the form, including Section 7, and take notice of all conditions, restrictions, applicable laws and firearms ownership/possession prohibitions.  Sections 6 and 8 must be signed at the time you submit your application in person.

Complete an approved 16-hour course of training, minimally including firearms safety and the laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm.  It is not required to complete the training prior to submitting your application. You can find a list of training instructors and courses below under supplemental documents.


Make an appointment with the Mono County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Services Specialist, Jennifer Hansen, during regular business hours.  During this appointment you will:

Submit your completed application and sign Sections 6 and 8.
Present proof of ownership and registration of each weapon to be licensed for concealment.
Pay the required application fee ($108).
Be fingerprinted.  Your prints will be submitted to the California Department of Justice and the FBI for a criminal background record check.

Once the Sheriff’s Office has reviewed your application and received your criminal background check, a decision will be made whether good cause exists to grant or deny the license. You will be notified in writing within 90 days of the initial application or within 30 days after receipt from the Department of Justice of your criminal background check.  If the Sheriff determines good cause exists to issue the license, you will have six months to present proof that you have completed the required training.  If you do not complete the required training within six months, you will have to reapply. If you have taken the required training prior to applying (within 6 months of your application date), please include this documentation with your application. You do not need to wait six months if the course has been completed prior to applying. 

If the Sheriff issues you a license to carry a concealed weapon, the following restrictions apply:

Your license will be valid only within the State of California.
Your license will be subject to any and all reasonable restrictions or conditions the Sheriff deems warranted, including restrictions as to the time, place, manner and circumstances under which you may carry the concealed firearm.
Your license will be valid for a period not to exceed two (2) years from the date of issuance.
You will notify the Sheriff’s Office in writing within ten (10) days of any change of place of residency. If you move out of Mono County, your license will expire ninety (90) days after you move. 

Amendments to Licenses
You may apply to amend your license at any time during the period of validity by completing and submitting a written application for license amendment in order to accomplish one or more of the following: 

Add or delete a firearm listed on your license.
Change restrictions or conditions previously placed on your license.
Change your address or other personal information.

In the event that any amendment to a valid license is approved by the Sheriff, a new license will be issued reflecting the amendment(s). An amendment to any license will not serve to extend the original expiration date and an application for an amendment will not constitute an application for renewal.

License Renewal
No later than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of any valid license to carry a concealed weapon, you may apply to the Sheriff for a renewal by completing the following:

Submit a completed application. 
Complete an approved training course of no less than four (4) hours, including firearms safety and the laws regarding the permissible use of a firearm.
Payment of a non-refundable renewal application fee.

Once the Sheriff or authorized designee has verified the successful completion of the renewal process, the renewal of the license to carry a concealed weapon will either be granted or denied. Prior issuance of a license will not entitle any licensee to any property or liberty right to renewal. 

If you do not live in Mono County but work or conduct significant business within Mono County, the Sheriff has the discretion to issue you a permit.  You must prove that you have significant business means within Mono County in order to qualify.  A license granted based upon place of employment or business shall be valid for no more than ninety (90) days and will only be valid in Mono County.  There are additional conditions and restrictions to this type of license. 

For more information on the CCW process or to make an appointment, please contact:

Amber Weller 
Public Information Officer
Administrative Services Specialist
(760) 932-5279
aweller [at] monosheriff [dot] org