Mono County

Biomass Project Update

Results from the Biomass Utilization Feasibility Study are coming in! The consultant, TSS Consultants, have determined a sufficient biomass supply exists for a thermal-only project. A thermal-only biomass unit is a traditional boiler that only produces heat in the form of hot water or steam. The technology is well established, and the financials are generally favorable as the biomass unit replaces more expensive heating fuels such as propane.

The Biomass Project website ( has been updated with this information, the attached frequently asked questions about thermal biomass units, and the August progress report.

The next Project Team meeting with TSS Consultants is scheduled for August 23rd, 1:00-2:30 pm, in the CAO Conference Room on the third floor of the Sierra Center Mall in Mammoth Lakes. A meeting notification and conference call information will be sent next week.