Mono County

Documents, Reports, and Presentations

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Aspens at Gull Lake (January, 2007) Planning Division Botanical Survey for Proposed Aspens at Gull Lake
Bodie RV Park Specific Plan Planning Division Adopting Resolution R00-21, April 2000
Bodie RV Park Vol. 1
Bodie RV Park Vol. 2
Bodie RV Park Vol. 3
Brown Specific Plan & EIR (September, 2004) Planning Division Brown Specific Plan & Draft EIR (September, 2004)
Conway Ranch Specific Plan & Final EIR Planning Division Conway Ranch Specific Plan & EIR 1990
Conway Ranch Acquisition/Mill Creek Restoration
Introduction to Appendices A-G
Appendix A: Geotechnical Engineering and Geology
Appendix B: Identification and Delineation of Waters
Appendix C: Preliminary Soils Map
Appendix D: Groundwater Resources
Appendix E: Water Quality Data
Appendix F: Deer Migration and Sagegrouse Study
Appendix G: Visual Analysis
Appendix I: Economic and Fiscal Impacts
Appendix J: Comments on Notice of Preparation
Appendix K: Mule Deer and Sagegrouse Mitigation Plan
Appendix L: Public Comments on Revised DEIR
Appendix M: Public Comments on Original DEIR
Appendix N: County Responses to Comments
Appendix O: Testimony at Public Hearing
Mitigation Monitoring Program
Crowley Lake SP & FEIR (October 2001) Planning Division Crowley Lake Specific Plan
General Plan Planning Division I - Introduction
II -- Land Use Element
III - Circulation Element
IV. Housing Element
V - Conservation-Open Space Element
VI - Safety Element
VII - Noise Element
VIII - Hazardous Waste Management Element
IX - Economic Development Element
LUD Maps - Planning Areas
Land Use Designation (LUD) Maps - Explanation
LUD Maps - Antelope Valley
LUD Maps - Bridgeport
LUD Maps - Swauger Creek
LUD Maps - June Lake
LUD Maps- Lee Vining
LUD Maps - Mammoth Vicinity
LUD Maps - Crowley Lake
LUD Maps - Tri-Valley
LUD Maps - Wheeler Crest
Appendix A - Design Guidelines
Appendix B - Low Impact Development Guide
Appendix C - Wheeler Crest Emergency Access Map
1993 EIR Part 1
1993 EIR Part 2
2000 EIR
MEA (Master Environmental Assessment)
June Lake Area Plan Planning Division June Lake Area Plan Executive Summary
June Lake Area Plan Intro
June Lake Area Plan Community Development Element
June Lake Area Plan Open Space and Conservation Element
June Lake Area Plan Circulation Element
June Lake Area Plan Safety Element
June Lake Area Plan Tourism
June Lake Area Plan Recreation
Final June Lake Area Plan Environmental Impact Report
June Lake Master Environmental Assessment 2002
June Lake Highlands II, Specific Plan & FEIR (January, 2001) Planning Division jl.highlands.ii_.sp_.final_.eir_.pdf
June Lake Highlands SP & FEIR (August 1998) Planning Division June Lake Highlands SP & FEIR
Lakeridge Ranch Estates Specific Plan & EIR (August, 1995) Planning Division Lakeridge Ranch Estates SP & EIR
Mono City Secondary Ingress/Egress Road ROW Planning Division Final Environmental Assessment
Additional Figures
Mono County Notice to Adopt
Mountain Vistas Specific Plan & EIR (June, 2005) Planning Division mountain_vistas_sp_eir.pdf
RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECT: Utilizing Woody Biomass Planning Division Mono County Biomass Feasibility Study
Thermal Bioenergy: Frequently Asked Questions
Rimrock Ranch Specific Plan & Final EIR (November, 2000) Planning Division Rimrock Ranch Specific Plan & FEIR (November, 2000)
Rock Creek Canyon Final Specific Plan (December, 2010) Planning Division rock_creek_canyon_final_specific_pln_8-12-11.pdf
Rock Creek Ranch Specific Plan, Draft EIR, and Final EIR (2008) Planning Division Rock Creek Ranch SP Final EIR
Rock Creek Ranch SP Draft EIR Chapter 1-2
Rock Creek Ranch SP Draft EIR Chapter 3
Rock Creek Ranch SP Draft EIR Chapter 4-5
Rock Creek Ranch SP Draft EIR Chapter 6-13
Rock Creek Ranch SP Draft EIR Appendices
Sierra Business Park Specific Plan (July 2014) Planning Division Sierra Business Park Specific Plan (July 2014)
Tioga Inn Specific Plan & Final EIR (May, 1993) Planning Division tioga_inn_resort_feir.pdf
Use Permit 13-001 West Portal Wireless Telecommunication Facility Planning Division West Portal Negative Declaration
Negative Declaration Figures 1-4 and Appendix A
Notice of Availability & Intent to Adopt
White Mountain Estates Specific Plan & Final EIR (November, 2007) Planning Division White Mountain Estates, Part IV Final EIR
White Mountain Estates, Part I Specific Plan